Update to Baby's Room

Our baby's room used to be our office, but now that we've moved all of our furniture out and into our bedroom (yay...), we have a much better idea of what our boy's room will look like, even though our baby will be living in our bedroom for the first few months.

I made a previous post showing a mood board that I was going to follow in designing the room. Fortunately, I had purchased just a few small items from that mood board and later decided I wasn't too set on using bright colors on big pieces like the rocker and rug. I have nothing against bright colors; I just happened to watch part of the movie Problem Child around that time and noticed the very primary colored room or house or something, and I just couldn't get that out of my head - reminded me of clowns :(. Also, the tile in the nursery is bluish gray, so the overall design with more neutral tones doesn't look as bland, but I was afraid it would be too much with the brighter tones I previously chose. Lastly, if we have another child in the future, I thought I would get tired of the colors and would either want to purchase all new things or keep the original stuff and cringe every time I enter the room. So in an effort to save money and my husband's sanity, I thought I would be best to go with more neutral tones.

It's worth noting that the dresser in baby's room is actually a vintage piece that was part of my grandparents' first furniture set after getting married. Below is a similar piece. 

baby room.PNG

lamp / cactus blanket (no longer available) / wire basket / cactus print / alpaca print / oak dresser / glider / pouf / llama mobile (no longer available) / crib / rug

I forgot to include this cart that I got from Ikea. The shelves are a little oddly shaped, but I added in some little felt baskets, and it's working out perfectly holding random stuff for now. All we need is to add a plant, deliver a baby, and we're good to go! I'll post some actual photos of the room once it's all ready (and doesn't have diaper boxes sprawled out all over the floor!)