Baby Boy's Room Mood Board

Now that I'm in the third trimester, I find myself waking up in the middle of the night to ponder many things like... 

What will our baby look like?

Will I gag a lot while changing diapers?

How in the world am I going to give birth to a human? Ew.

While I think it's fine to wonder these things rather than being naive about them, I do know that I don't need to fret and can trust that God will guide us through all of the unknown.

However, there's another tug-of-war my mind likes to play. I'm trying to figure out how to design this baby's room when we haven't even met him yet. We don't know his personality or preferences, other than he likes to kick and hiccup, especially around 4am. I feel half guilty for pushing my own style and preferences on this baby, yet that is suuuper silly because he's not in the womb looking at Pinterest or baby blogs for ideas. He won't care one bit what his room looks like until probably he discovers a love for something like Teletubbies. That thought makes me shudder. Hopefully at that point he won't care either. Can you imagine Teletubby wallpaper? So creepy.

Trying to figure out a theme/style for a baby room can be quite overwhelming. There are a plethora of ideas on the interwebs, and Pottery Barn Kids and Land of Nod and really cute baby boutiques suddenly love to show up on all of my feeds, so where to begin? I started with maybe forest animals to South American/Andes-inspired textiles with fluffy alpaca stuff. Then I decided that since I'm the only one in this family with travel experience to the Andes that that might feel a little strange and unfamiliar, so I thought it might be a more educational (?) and interesting to go with a desert theme cuz, you know, we live in the desert. Cactus-patterned things are super easy to find these days, and since desert animals aren't the cutest or most cuddly, there will probably be some alpaca or llama appearances. I know they're not native, but there are quite a few alpaca and llama farms around the southwest.

Although baby boy's due date is less than 12 weeks away, the thought that he could come at ANY time freaks me out since all of our office furniture and Kelvin's futon from his bachelor days are still taking up residence in the baby's room. (Btw anyone want an Ikea futon? Excellent condition.) I keep having recurring dreams that baby comes, and we still have nothing ready. Haha. What a great feeling. To clarify, currently all is well with baby and there aren't any signs that he will come early, so we'll prob be okay; it's just something that has been in the back of my mind.

Below is the board motivating me to get to some shopping/baby registry-ing done. That's probably more productive than using baking as my way of nesting (if you've seen my Insta highlights, you know. Just simply cannot stop.)

baby room mood board 2.PNG

floor lamp / knit pillow / nursery glider / brass wire basket / rug / llama stuffed animal (currently unavailable) / desert landscape photo / cactus lamp / dresser / crib / gold cactus blanket (no longer avail.) / palm leaf quilt / llama mobile

Any other mom friends out there feel this strange guilt yet excitement when decorating baby's room? Any advice? I'm all ears!