Kitchen Reveal

Does a house renovation really ever end? If you've had any experience with renovating, you're probably answering with a disgusted, "NO!"

We definitely do not feel like our project is complete because of those "finishing touches" that drag on and on. If you're optimistic like my husband, finishing touches are fun because of the progress, and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you're an average Debbie Downer like me, finishing touches are frustrating because 1) money, 2) time, and 3) if you need a worker or contractor to come in, you have to figure out a time for them to come, hope they show up when they say they will (since August, we've been at about 3 for 10), and then you have to clean up after them. Despite the stress and frustration, we've had some really hardworking trades, and we feel so at home here even though it's somewhat incomplete.

Out of the entire house, our kitchen by far took on the the biggest change. It used to be a tight 8-ish by 4 foot galley kitchen in the middle of the house and made the rest of our home feel very compartmentalized (see this post), but now our kitchen is located in the front of the house and is more open and much larger. We even still have a couple of empty drawers and cabinets!

Do I have any regrets with the kitchen? Aside from installation problems with our backsplash tiles, no. However, I was on the fence with the tiles after installation. I originally wanted white tiles, but some people convinced me otherwise because of the size of the kitchen and the white cabinets and counter top. Since white was out, I was on the hunt for a clean, bright color that was still kind of subtle, and online these tiles looked like a great option. They're from Cle Tile, and the sample tiles we received had a brighter hue to them, whereas our entire order was more gray with just a few bright pieces, so I felt a little bummed at first, but they've really grown on me. I love the tiles' organic look and how none of them are alike. Now that I see the "finished" (haha) product, I'm glad we didn't choose white. With the kitchen being such a wide space and the bright natural light coming in, I think my eyes would hurt.

Well, here is our mostly finished, spacious, airy, and open kitchen. We really feel it reflects our style and is the perfect space for how we function in the kitchen. See my notes below each photo for where some of the finishes and products came from (nothing in this post is sponsored - I'm too small for that).

Wong kitchen.JPG

Originally, this entire space was a sunken living room. We had it filled with some planks as opposed to cement so there wouldn't be any bubbles in the new flooring. When you step in the kitchen, you hear a slight echo through the floor. It might sound strange, but I like that sound. It reminds me of what this room used to look like and how much it has changed. The pendant lights are from Schoolhouse Electric, the cabinet pulls are from CB2, and the stools are from a garage sale.

Wong kitchen 2.jpg

The rug on the left is from West Elm and is part of our dining room. Photos from that space will come soon! Also, I spy a lifetime supply of rice.

Wong kitchen 5.JPG

Styling the shelves was a struggle for me. They were empty for a few months until Ikea came out with some fancy new glasses and mugs. The floating shelves are from Target, the wire baskets are from Anthropologie, and the lemons are from our tree. Please pardon my sad looking basil plant.

Wong kitchen 4.JPG

All of our major appliances are from Samsung in stainless steel black. And may I just say how efficiently designed this fridge is? The shelving inside the fridge is so functional. The space between the shelves is much shorter than your average fridge which scared me at first, but then I realized that 95% of the food we store in the fridge is not that tall. There's still enough space for taller items like cartons of milk.

Wong kitchen 7.JPG

Our faucets are from Delta in Champagne Bronze, and yes, our sink is black! It's a composite quartz Elkay single bowl from Home Depot. It's nice because it disguises stains and scratches but is deceiving because you don't think you need to clean it as often.

Wong kitchen 6.JPG

During the week, our island often gets piled on with mail, used containers from lunch, and Costco receipts. But when it's clean and has some small decor in the middle, I feel invited to cook and bake and experiment with recipes. That's really how I feel about our kitchen in general - invited to come, be creative, be ourselves.

Have you renovated a room in your home? Do you have any regrets, or are you completely happy with the outcome of your home?