Hello! Welcome to The White Wong.


Hi! I'm Angela Wong. In June 2014, I become a white person with a Chinese last name. Before marrying my husband who is a native of Hong Kong, I had a lot of travel around Asia under my belt, and I naively thought I knew a lot about East Asian food and culture. Through my marriage with wonderful Kelvin, I have learned to value and understand food and culture on a deeper level. We are Minneapolis > Phoenix transplants, but we enjoy incorporating Asian and other ethnic foods into our everyday lives.

At The White Wong, you will find simple recipes and cooking tips, the adventure of owning and renovating our very first home, and the occasional craft project.

Aside from being a white Wong, here are some other facts about me:

  • Native North Dakotan
  • Spanish and ESL Teacher
  • Coffee addict
  • Ice cream lover/hater
  • Desert lover ("It's a dry heat.")
  • Cold weather hater

p.s. The credit for the name of this blog goes to my husband. :)

By the way, I am not a professional photographer or cook, nor do I claim to be. I just enjoy making, helping, and adding to this blog as a creative outlet, using language and methods that fit a lot of everyday people.

None of my posts are sponsored unless noted.

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